SPECIAL OFFER - Xo 1 R HF hand mixer with 2x WK 120 HF and dust.EX

EAN: 4011024998644
Brand: Collomix
Rated power: 1150 W
Voltage: 230 V
On-load speed 1st gear: 640 rpm
Mixed amount, recommended: 40 l
Cable length: 4 m
Weight with Paddle: 5.3 kg
Max. paddle diameter: 120 mm
Set including stirrer WK 120 HF:
Mixing volume: 15 - 25 kg
Length: 590 mm
Ø of Paddle: 120 mm
Drive: 1000 W
Min. drill chuck: 16 mm

SPECIAL OFFER - Xo 1 R compact mixer + Dust EX and 2 WK 120 HF mixing tools

XO 1 R

Compact hand mixer for mixing volumes


  • Ergonomically shaped handles.
  • Electronic switch
  • HEXAFIX quick coupling
  • Rubber buffers
  • Reliable


  • The proven mixer program with even more power for the best work results.
  • Maximum output thanks to the high-performance gearbox and motor.
  • Sensitive speed development via electronic switch.
  • More functionality in operation, such as the practical rubber buffers for setting it down gently.
  • The Xo-R helps support your back while working due to its adjusted working height.
  • No unintentional starting thanks to the electronic safety switch.
  • Work fatigue-free thanks to the comfortable handles.
  • Easily change the paddle using the HEXAFIX quick coupling.
  • Sturdy, even in the toughest conditions.
  • Optimal mixer results due to the use of the appropriate mixer geometry.
  • Made in Germany

WK 120 HF

WK mixing tool with two wide mixing blades. Ideal for all sticky and viscous materials, e.g. cement, plaster, ready-mixed mortars, etc.


  • Every mixing tool is made of steel, unless stated otherwise, with a powder-coated finish in RAL 5018, turquoise.
  • Suitable for various applications, the WK mixing tool is notable for outstanding conveyance of the material.
  • With two wide mixing blades for easy guidance in the material and minimal stress on the drive machine.

  • Made in Germany

Mixing action:

  • The material is conveyed up to the top of the container from the bottom and then flows back down again at the sides.
  • This is suitable for the processing of heavy mixtures such as mortar, plaster, cement, and sand- and pebble-filled materials.
  • The mixing tool works into the material easily with a screwing action.


Effective dust extraction with the “SCF effect”

While opening the sack, filling the powdered material or starting the mixing process, it is simply impossible to avoid generating potentially harmful amounts of dust. This can negatively affect workers’ health and lead to contamination of the workplace. This can be a real problem, particularly when working indoors. The dust.EX dust suction device is simply clamped to the edge of the mixing bucket in combination with a vacuum cleaner. The clamping spring enables attachment to almost any mixing bucket. Switch the vacuum cleaner on for virtually dust-free working while filling or mixing. dust.EX reliably removes any escaping material.

  • Dust on the job site is already now a big topic and its importance is just tremendously increasing day by day in Europe and worldwide.
  • With our new dust suction device “DUST EX” we just set a mile stone in this regard.
  • The “DUST EX” is easily applicable on any bucket rim, independently on the bucket size.
  • The “DUST EX” can be easily connected with any kind of vacuum cleaner, which can commonly be found on the construction site.
  • A device like this will have a huge impact prolonging the life cycle of the machine (a lot less dust into the motor and carbon brushes) and creating a safer dust free environment for the operator.
  • To operate “dust free” is of paramount important for any indoor application and as a whole.
  • Refurbishing and renovating indoor with our “DUST EX” becomes just healthier!


  • Less dust in the air means less dust that can be inhaled. The Dust.EX dust suction device thus actively contributes to making your workplace healthier.
  • Dust development is a real problem, especially in refurbishments. The amount of dirt created is often a decisive factor for the customer, especially in the private sphere. A clean workplace is not only testimony to your professionalism — the customer will also thank you.
  • Leaving the building site clean is a point of honor for true professionals. Nevertheless, clean-up work is always tedious, costing unnecessarily time and money. This is precisely why Collomix designed the dust.EX — where no dust is generated, no cleaning is necessary
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