1. Choose the product categories or find a product by product name or product code;
  2. Click on a product and view descriptions, technical specifications etc.;
  3. Select you required a quantity of goods and click “ADD TO CART” - and the item is instantly added to your cart*;
  4. The total amount you can see in the upper right corner and pressing it, you can change the required quantity, delete it from the basket by pressing “X” mark, as well you can “EMPTY THE BASKET” or “CONTINUE SHOPPING”;
  5. If you have chosen and finished you order, click on the basket picture in the right corner and pressing the ORDER” you confirm your order;
  6. Enter all requested information – both billing address and shipping information. At the bottom of the page you can find total order amount, and if you agree, then click SAVE AND CONTINUE”;
  7. Indicate your preferred payment method**
  8. After receipt of the payment, very soon you will be sent an invoice and order confirmation, as well as approximate time of delivery;
  9. You can order goods 24/7

*If you want to order larger quantities, please, fell free to contact us [email protected] .

**Legal person payments can be made also by post-paid