Duo Silent + / Impact Insulation underlay with Foil steam barrier

Brand: Duo Silent +
Thickness: 7 mm
Width: 1,2 m
Density (kg/m3): 22-24
Color: Blue
Compressibility: <10

Concrete underlay provides shock-absorbing insulation in bearing structures

For use under concrete floors to reduce impact noise through building structures. Thanks to incorporated pure aluminium vapour barrier prevents also concrete moisture problems. Thereby it helps to keep your flooring material in good condition and to keep a good climate in your house.

Vapour barrier:

  • coated pure Aluminium foil


Low density polyethylene foam with non-crosslinked closed cell structure. Thanks to advanced formula and recent innovative ideas of production, material has good mechanical properties.

Safety information:

Frost mat made of LDPE polyethylene foam that is expanded without CFC/HCFC. Product is 100% recyclable and is Freon free. The usage of product is not dangerous either to humans or to the environment. In production process we use harmless and certified raw materials.

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