EW L / 2D window reveal profile with protective lip

EAN: 4751023403403
Brand: Albau
Movement ability: 2D
Profile material: PVC
Plaster system thickness, mm: 6 & 9
Profile length, mm: 2600
Mesh material: Glass fibre
Mesh width, mm: 100
Anthracite color: RAL 7016
Dark grey color: RAL 7005
Light grey color: RAL 7047
Ivory color: RAL 1015
Brown color: RAL 8024
Amount of products in transport packaging: 30 (78 m)

Albau 2D window reveal profile with a protective lip and glass fibre mesh. Provides connection elastic in 2 directions between the window or door frame to plaster in the thermal insulation system – ETICS. Available in six colours - white, anthracite, dark grey, light grey, ivory and brown. Suitable for plaster thickness 6mm and 9mm

The bead may be glued onto the window or door frame before or after insulation application on the door or window reveal


  • PVC - UV and alkali resistant
  • Glass fibre mesh complying with ETAG 004
  • Double-sided self-adhesive PE foam tape


  • Creation of joints elastic in 2 directions between thermal insulating system and window or door frame
  • Prevents plaster detachment from the window or door frame
  • Protects window and door frames and panes against mechanical damage or soiling in the course of mortar or plaster application
  • Prevents hair cracks
  • Prevents cold penetration
  • Eliminates the need for additional joint filling
  • Ideal for narrow window or door frames
  • The protective lamella of softened PVC will protect the bead from impurity settlement
  • The adhesive foam tape improves the longevity of the joint
  • Aesthetically perfect detail

Instruction for use:

First remove the protective foil from the window frame and clean potential impurities or grease. Trim the bead with special mitre cutter to the required length, remove the cover foil from the foam tape and glue to the frame. Take into account that the adhesive achieves full adhesion only after 24 hours. The bead may be glued onto the window or door frame before or after insulation application on the door or window reveal. Connect the beads in the window corners at 45°. After removal of the cover tape, cover the breakoff strip with protective foil. The foil will protect the window or door from damage throughout plastering. Then apply the plaster on the insulating layer and press the mesh of the bead into it. Remove and level the excess plaster outside the mesh with a trowel. After finishing coat application, remove the snap-off strip of the bead and remove it including the window protective foil

Conditions of use:

It is forbidden to install the beads at air temperature and surface temperature below +5°C and above +30°C. It is necessary to protect the bead from direct sunlight and direct weather effects during the whole process until the plasters have dried. The bead can only be used on smooth surfaces without any surface texture or strong hydrophobic treatment

Packaging, storage and transport:

Packed in paper boxes (30 pcs.). Store and transport in horizontal position in a dry roofed place at +5°C ~ +30°C

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