FPF HT / Wood construction screw Power-Fast Hexagon head with inner TX partial thread 10 mm

Brand: Fischer

The powerful wood construction screws with hexagonal head, TX star recess drive and optimised partial thread


  • Safety-relevant applications
  • Wood frame construction
  • Post constructionTimber houses
  • Rooftop insulation systems
  • Car portsConservatories
  • Playground equipment

Building materials:

  • Glued-laminated timber
  • Cross-laminated timber
  • Laminated veneer plywood panels
  • Oriented strand boards (e.g. OSB panels)
  • Solid structural timber
  • Glued timber boards on solid wood
  • Soft wood (e.g. Douglas, spruce, pine, fir, etc.)
  • And other wood materials


  • The unique Power-Fast thread reaches into the screw tip and ensures a fast bite. This makes installation simple and safe even with the large screw dimension used specifically for load-bearing wood structures.
  • The shank ribs reduce drive-in resistance and thereby enable power and battery conservation in your work.
  • The wood construction screw with flange head can hold much greater loads thanks to the higher pull-through resistance.
  • The ETA approval guarantees the high safety standard and the premium quality of fischer Power-Fast screws
Drive, Length, Outer carton, and Partial thread length
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