GB / Aircrete anchor, 10 mm

SKU: FSC-50492
EAN: 4006209504925
Brand: Fischer
Diameter: 10 mm
Min. drill hole depth: 65 mm
Plug length = min. anchorage depth: 55 mm
fischer safety screw: 7 mm

The special plug for different fixings in aerated concrete

The fischer Aircrete anchor GB 10 is an officially approved special anchor for safety-relevant fixings in aerated concrete. The GB, made from high-quality nylon, is hammered in rotary mode after pre-drilling. The characteristic outer ribs ensure an interlocking connection between the building material and anchor. The fischer Aircrete anchor GB is ideal for fixing façade and roof constructions as well as railings in aerated concrete.

Top Features

  • Building Authority approval for safety-relevant applications.
  • Optimum pressure distribution and high load-bearing capacity. Spiral outer ribs cut a positive fit in the aerated concrete.
  • No setting tool necessary: simply hammer in using the hammer.
  • Approved with the fischer safety screw.


  • The general building approval guarantees approved safety for use in safety-relevant applications.
  • The spiral-shaped outer ribs cut a positive fit in the soft building material, thus ensuring the best pressure distribution and load-bearing capacity.
  • Can be applied with a hammer - there is no need for special tools, thus saving time and money for the installation.
  • The GB can also be used safely outside (e.g. in façade installation) when combined with the approved fischer safety screw in A4.


  • The GB is suitable for pre-positioned installation.
  • The spiral-shaped outer ribs ensure a positive fit connection between the building material and anchor.
  • The required screw length is given by: Anchor length + fixture thickness + 1 x screw diameter.
  • The GB 10 must be used with fischer safety screws to fulfil the approval and to achieve the maximum load-bearing capacity.
  • Use rotary drilling to create the drill hole
  • Can be used in unplastered aerated concrete


  • Light cable trays
  • Pipelines
  • Guard rails
  • Façade and roof constructions made of wood and metal
  • Light canopy brackets
  • Letter boxes
  • Trellis

Building materials

Approved for (GB 10) resp. suitable for (GB 8 and GB 14):

  • PB2, AAC2
  • PB3, AAC3
  • PB4, AAC4

You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

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