PAR-5987 / ROLL'ENDUIT®CLIP coating roller

PAR-5987 / ROLL'ENDUIT®CLIP coating roller

Brand: Loutil Parfait
Suitable for: PAR-1482070 & PAR-1482100 & PAR-1482150
Fabrics: Nylon fibers (18 mm)

Roll Enduit Clip: complete filler roller for taping. No spatter. Application time of coating 3 times quicker compared to traditional methods

  • With Clip'Sytem option to connect to the PAR-1482 / Extension pole
  • Easy to apply and smooth, burr-free
  • Constant thickness of the coating for fully flat finish
  • The high resilience of the fibre holds the coating without flattening it and applies it evenly to the substrate
  • Easy to clean

Technical description:

  • Complete filler roller - black nylon fibre 18 mm, high strength
  • Renders recommended: ready-to-use paste coating, airless machine coating, roller applied coating. Can be used with some powder coatings, preferably dry and not set, and prepared in a rather fluid way
  • 80 mm roller - for filling between the thinned edged
  • 180 mm roller - for filling either side
  • 220 mm roller - for coating large surface areas
Roller length
Delivery Time
7 - 14 days