TSBD X 8 / Screw fixing

TSBD X 8 / Screw fixing

Brand: KEW
Suitable for: All ETIC insulation materials
Diameter: 8 mm
W/K: ≤ 0,001
Setting tool: SW 150 (KEW-38628) & SW 250 (KEW-38629)

The efficient screw anchor with galvanised steel screw - TOP efficiency with TOP performance

Important!!! - to guarantee W/K ≤ 0,001 the TSBD X ST/ Tubing plug (KEW-38631) must be used

  • For all building material classes A, B, C, D, E
  • For all common ETIC insulation materials
  • Secure hold provided by extended, moisture-resistant expansion area, even in problematic building materials
  • Easily set - with usual Torx Bit T30
  • Thermal transmission Chi 0,000 W/K (with foam filling on old buildings and on new buildings from an insulation material thickness of at least 150 mm)
  • Great mounting safety

ETA according to ETAG 014

  • With an anchoring depth of 30 mm approved for the building material categories A, B, C, D, E
  • Approved anchoring depth of 50 mm for even more perfect hold in lightweight concrete
Delivery Time
Up to 7 days